Summery rhubarb cocktail infusion

by Jessie K on May 21, 2012

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday’s post about summery infusion ideas for a hooch-based cocktail.

In the end, I went with Jen and Charlotte’s suggestion for rhubarb — not only because it sounded interesting (rhubarb? steeped in hooch? wha–?) but because it was the one ingredient I could source for free, locally.

My neighbor has a patch he was all too eager to share; June was all too happy to oblige.

A little harvesting wisdom from my neighbor:  When cutting rhubarb, cut as close to the base, to the root, as possible to ensure regrowth next year.

Cicadas: still everywhere.

I picked enough for the infusion, plus for at least two to three batches of homemade rhubarb jam.  Mmmmm!

For the infusion, I washed one stalk, then cut it into slices short enough to fit inside a pint jar and submerged them with Virginia lightening!

Because rhubarb is so tart, I added one tablespoon of honey from a local apiary and one tablespoons simple syrup… take the tangy edge off.

I’ll let this infuse outside in the sun for a week….should be ready in time for Memorial Day!

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