Seeking signs I might be pregnant

by Jessie K on August 23, 2012


I really want to have another baby.  Unfortunately, I was one of those slackers who hemmed and hawed for so long before deciding I wanted to be a parent at all that now I’m afraid I’m too late for a second child. (I should have listened, mom!) And Jake’s deployment to Afghanistan was a year of lost opportunity, an often ignored casualty of war.  Family planning is blown to bits when a spouse deploys.

It’s been five months since Jake’s been home but so far zip. Nada. Nothing. I can’t help but wonder if the well is dry. I occasionally beat myself up for waiting four whole years into a great marriage before deciding to get pregnant with June, as if there was something really pressing and more important to do, such as inventing a time machine or writing rambling blog posts like this.

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