A new barn!

by Jessie K on September 17, 2012

Make way for more animals. We’re finally able to build a new barn! Our existing one is looking a little shot.

Jake’s father and brother came down from Baltimore for the weekend for a good old fashioned barn building party. They were joined by our good friends Hunter and Butch and Hunter’s son Brett.

See how much work five dudes can accomplish in two days? They worked from dawn until dusk fueled by nothing but pizza, doughnuts and Mountain Dew.

The barn master himself, Jake.

Here’s how it looked as of late Sunday afternoon. They weren’t able to finish the entire thing in one weekend, but I was very impressed by how much they accomplished.

Jake said he can finish the rest on his own…

…accompanied by his three loyal accomplices: Solha…


and me. Bring on the Mountain Dew.

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