Say hello to the Aussie burger

by Jessie K on September 24, 2009


In honor of our Australian friend Paul, and my other Aussie friend Camilla, Jake and I have been wolfing Down Under-style burgers for the last two nights in a row.

From bottom to top, the ingredients in an Aussie burger are:

– Bun

– Hamburger pattie

– Fried egg  (our chickens aren’t laying yet so we had to use a smaller duck egg, which tastes more or less the same)

– Grilled pineapple ring

– Tomato

– Pickled beets

– A generous dollop of fiery sauce made from ketchup, mayo and Thai curry paste

– Bun

These things are SO FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS  I’m debating making them AGAIN tonight.

It’s like every meal of the day in one sitting.

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