The fallacy of Date Night

by Jessie K on September 28, 2012

The other day a friend of mine was lamenting the temporary lull in her marriage.

“There’s no spark, no passion,” she said. “It’s just work, bills, kids and chores. I am so bored. He is so boring!”

I tried to think of something deep to say. “Maybe you guys should have a date night?”

She looked at me and made a face. We both laughed.

Date night. Relationship experts like to trot out the phrase as the go-to remedy for fixing a stagnant union, as if gussying up in your finest sundress while trying to maintain eye contact with the guy who seems so boring lately over restaurant sushi, talking about the same tired topics you discuss at home (“So….how was work? Did you remember to buy diapers?”) ┬áis going to re-ignite the flame of passion.

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