The catch-22 of painter’s tape

by Jessie K on October 15, 2012

So I’ve been trying to turn June’s bedroom into a toddler oasis sometime before she turns 18. I painted the walls. I invested in new shelving. I bought new carpet. Last weekend, I finally got around to pulling off the painter’s tape that is supposed to help me cut in corners, and AAAARGH, IT LOOKS HORRIBLE. Look at that trim line! It’s all tattered and nasty looking! The ugly grey primer shows through like a giant cavity in a rotting tooth.

I have come to the conclusion that painter’s tape is the frenemy of painters. It’s the girlfriend who tells you how cute you look in those jeans when you really have a six inch strip of toilet paper dangling from your butt.

Painter’s tape makes the job more messy, not less because it tricks you into thinking you can slap paint on the walls and not worry about bleeding over into the trim because the tape will stop it. Ha! Ha! Ha! (That’s the sound of laughter through tears.)


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