Another Saturday, another chicken processing extravaganza

by Jessie K on October 29, 2012

This weekend, Jake and I processed our next to final batch of broiler chickens.

We did 25 in all. Between the two of us, we knocked it out in about 4 hours. Not bad. We can’t resist timing our performance and devising ways to speed production. Because we are nerds. Here, the freshly processed birds soak in an ice bath before being bagged and weighed.

Then the kill cones were scrubbed and sanitized.

(Please note how I don’t show the nitty, gritty shots of processing day. I do this to retain a mystique of glamour.)

June helped Jake put away all the newly cleaned equipment.

She loves riding around in the Bobcat with Jake. If he takes off without her, she lets us know of her great displeasure.

Only one more batch of birds to go before our winter break!

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