Can I have my mailbox back please?

by Jessie K on November 6, 2012

I voted. And now for the love of sweet Mary, can I please stop receiving those glossy pamphlets featuring a down-on-her-luck, hard workin’ American gal wearing overalls and carrying a wrench? I don’t know what’s more offensive — the daily glut of political propaganda that’s awaited me in my Netflix box these past three months, or the suggestion that the lady of this household wears overalls. Oh no you din’t.

Unless it’s 1992 and I’m on my way to a Salt-N-Pepa concert with a guest performance by Milli Vanilli, I do not, repeat, do not wear overalls. Just because I live in the country DOES NOT MEAN I WEAR OVERALLS!

(Unless it’s really, really cold and I’m forced to break out the insulated Carharrts.)

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