No longer rurally screwed (AND CONTEST!)

by Jessie K on November 8, 2012

I’ve been thinking about changing the name of this blog for quite awhile now.

When I first started blogging in 2009, the name “Rurally Screwed” was apt because that was how I felt: rural and screwed. I had overhauled my life for love, gave up office life, women’s magazines and my NYC friends to come live in the country with my dream man only to sputter and languish, unsure what the heck to do with myself in the country. I felt alone. Misunderstood. A country reject. Like I’d torpedoed my career. Hence, Rurally Screwed. (Full disclosure: it was really my friend Paula who first suggested it, though her iteration was “Rural and Screwed”  and I quite stupidly turned it into an adverb, and you’d be hard pressed to find a clunkier blog title than Rurally Screwed! Reminds me of the 30 Rock bit about the ill fated film The Rural Juror that no one could pronounce without mangling their mouth muscles.)

Still, Rurally Screwed made me laugh in a “sad clown” sort of way.  Writing it gave me something to focus on, a way to work through stuff that was bugging me. And over the years as the blog has grown  — and keeps growing — and I’ve managed to eke out new creative endeavors and opportunities for myself, I find that my career, my life, my relationships have blossomed in ways I’m not sure they would have had I stayed in New York. Not there is anything wrong with New York. I love New York but I personally was stuck there–stuck in old patterns and negative thinking — that I inadvertently carried with me into my new environment. (I explore these themes in my book, by the way, in case you still haven’t read it.)

But now I don’t feel so rural and screwed anymore.  I feel the opposite. I feel Rural and Psyched. Rural and Real Happy. Rurally Stoked, dude.

This entire journey has been a slow, gradual reminder that when one door closes, another opens. But the door never opens when we need it to, when we demand it to. New opportunities present themselves only when they are good and ready. i.e. when we are finally able to let go of the past, let go of old ways of thinking and doing and, in my case, griping. That can take a very long time indeed.  Because we don’t trust in the process. We keep trying to graft our old ways onto new surroundings which fuels dissatisfaction typically followed by long bouts of inertia.  New directions presents themselves only when we ourselves are ready to let go of the past.

Which brings me back to the name. My concern is that “rebranding” myself  (sounds so Frito Lay) will spell blog suicide. I’m known for Rurally Screwed. I wrote the book Rurally Screwed. Will people even know me without this moniker? Wait, don’t answer that.

So I put it to you, dear readers, those of you who have been with me for awhile. What do YOU think? Do you think I should lose “rurally screwed” once and for all? Or slap it on bumper stickers already? And if I do change the name, what should it be?

My criterion for a new name:

  • Should probably mention my name, even if it’s just “TK NEW NAME, a blog by Jessie Knadler”
  • No “city to country” or “homespun country livin'” references. Examples: “From Prada to Pitchforks.” No. “Apple Butter and Apron Strings.” No! Not that anything is wrong with such names but the blogosphere is chock full of them, and I don’t see myself as a “country gal,” even though I live in the country, drink moonshine and process chickens every other weekend
  • Bonus points if it’s funny
Have any ideas? If you suggest a name and I end up selecting it, I’ll give YOU a $100 gift certificate to Deadline: Saturday, Nov 10. 


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