I take it back — I am so totally rurally screwed

by Jessie K on November 9, 2012

When 85 percent of your commenters tell you to leave well enough alone, you listen.

That’s the takeaway I gleaned after yesterday’s post about mulling a name change for the blog.

Rurally Screwed it is. Jessie Knadler, CEO and Grand Chieftan of Rurally Screwed Enterprises, reporting for service!

Employees: one.

Third quarter earnings: $37.75.

Passion for poultry: Unlimited.

I crave (craved?) a name change because it didn’t adequately express the way I feel anymore, and I got sick of no one understanding me at social functions: “You write for The Rural Juror? What’s that you say? Oh, you write for a porn site. How nice for you. I once served on a jury too.”

Well, screw it. That’s right, Rurally Screw It! There are enough flowery and chaste blog titles out there anyway (that also happen to be wildly more successful than mine).

As long as we’re being honest here, the longer I do this and the more readers who tune in, I have a tendency to second guess myself, my voice and my direction. There are so many voices in blog land — seriously, I bet even your dog as a blog — and so many wildly successful sites capable of drawing hundreds of thousands of readers per day that a blogger can, without much noticing what she’s doing, end up trying to ape the voice of those sites in an attempt to draw an avalanche of readers too. ┬áBut whenever I do that, I always wind up sounding like someone’s kindly aunt sprinkled with fairy juice and sugar dust explaining how to make seasonal tassels from yarn. Man, that just isn’t me. It’ll never be me.

This is me.

An avatar for modern times.

Thanks for the feedback, support and suggestions, gentle readers. Without you, I’m tepid oatmeal on a hot summer’s day.

Love, Rurally Screwed

P.S. The blog will be going through a gradual redesign over the next couple of months so look out for a new tag line. Thanks for the nudge in that direction.

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