Thanksgiving prep countdown

by Jessie K on November 20, 2012

In preparation of the big, gnarly day of gluttony and feasting, I’m making a bread stuffing from Cook’s Illustrated (who else?). They recommend allowing two loaves of French bread to air dry for 24 hours prior to making. This way, the bread is nice and hard and doesn’t turn to paste when the turkey stock is poured over it.  Sounds logical to me.

Jake pulled this gorgeous apple pie out of the oven at 11 o’clock last night. Will you look at that crimped crust? He is a dude of many talents.

And for his next trick, he’s processing another batch of poultry, including turkeys, this morning.

We’ve processed five batches of poultry — roughly 50-60 chickens per batch — this year. We have sold out of inventory nearly every time. This morning marks the final day of processing for the season; no more fresh, pasture raised broiler chickens until the spring!

And the turkey? He gets got today.

I’ll let you know what we end up with — a big beautiful gobbler, or as reader Janelle called it, a “churkey,” a turkey small and pitiful enough it could pass for a chicken.

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