Christmas traditions

by Jessie K on December 11, 2012

June is two and a half — finally old enough to remember Christmas — and I want to make the holidays extra special for her.

Over the weekend, I took her to see her first ballet in the big city  — The Nutcracker!  When the big red curtain raised and Tchaikovsky’s music started playing,  I swear I almost started bawling. Sounds goofy but I love dance  so much yet never go to performances — Jake would rather clean rain gutters than watch ballet — and I finally have someone to drag along with me! It was so rewarding to see her mesmerized by the movement, music, costumes and colors. She couldn’t quite make it through the second act — did I mention she’s two? — but it was a start. Next year she’ll be a Nutcracker pro, yelling “bravo” and throwing roses up on stage, I am sure of it.

Now that she’s finally old enough to remember the holidays, I’m eager to establish Christmas rituals and traditions that she can (hopefully!) fondly recall when she’s my age.   (There’s a great post about holiday traditions on one of my favorite blogs A Cup of Jo, inspired by another wonderful blogger Jenny Rosenstrach of Dinner: A Love Story...check them both out if you get a minute.) (FYI, I haven’t had a chance to check out Jenny’s latest cookbook/memoir Dinner: A Love Story, but her previous cookbook Time for Dinner is one Jake and I rely on a lot since becoming parents.)

Click here to check out my Christmas tradition slideshow.

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