Under the weather in sunny Florida

by Jessie K on December 30, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJune and I have been down in Florida all week visiting Grandma and Grandpa (my dad, pictured with June above). It’s been a low-key trip — hanging out, taking walks, drinking wine, eating vast quantities of cookies and cheese, watching movies, upchucking.

Yeah, two nights after our arrival, June came down with a crazy bug and spent the night throwing up, then I caught the same bug two days later and was confined to bed for a day and vomited at night. I can only imagine what awaits Grandma and Grandpa after we leave. Holiday cheer for the whole family!

While under the weather, we watched Godfathers I, II and III. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’d never seen any of The Godfathers before this week. I didn’t even know Diane Keaton was in any of them! But what better to do when you’re sick than watch 12 hours of an increasingly hammy, spewing Al Pacino?  I’m not sure what precipitated the flu bug, but it might have been Godfather III. Seriously. What is up with that movie?

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