Lady Mary and her spectacular eyebrows

by Jessie K on February 15, 2013

bts-3x05-downton-abbey-32502859-3000-2000-1357582475_maxI love Downton Abbey, but I am obsessed with Lady Mary’s perfectly arched brows.

mqkzBQULook at those things! Neatly arched but still look natural.  It’s so fascinating how simply the shape of the brow can set off a face.

2013goldenglobes_michelledockery001The actress Michelle Dockery is already drop dead gorgeous — she reminds me of Snow White, with that lovely pale skin, dark eyes and dark hair — but those spectacular brows make her a bonafide Blue Blood.

6be55da36e682d2b7e281805ad429f4bAre some people born with perfectly arched brows?

20ba770d533d2bc234879c16767ea9d3Or do they more often come courtesy of a steady hand and a fantastic pair of tweezers?

f9f4bc93383f2e2220adb14b53d40de6I’d love perfectly arched brows but I’m too scared to pluck them myself. Nothing looks worse than an over tweeze! What about you? Do you pluck? Pay someone to do it for you? Or leave them au naturale?

See a perfectly arched brow tutorial from Allure here.

(Second to last photo from Miu Miu backstage; last photo from Allure.)

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