What American parents can learn from Finnish educators

by Jessie K on February 19, 2013


Now that June is in Montessori, I’ve been thinking a lot about her education, and about primary education in general. I realize she’s only 2, but apart from love, security and the occasional M&M (;-)), her education is the most important gift I can give her.

I came across this fascinating book Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? It’s written by Pasi Salhberg, director general of the Center for International Mobility and Cooperation in Helsinki and general rock star in the education world. He was recently awarded $100,000 for his work in education reform and for explaining why Finland consistently produces the top performing students in the world (followed closely by South Korea). The United States lags behind in 17th place, according to the latest global education ranking of student academic performance.

So how does Finland do it?

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