Books to read while nursing

by Jessie K on October 16, 2013

490cb9dab2267_83535nI’m trying to think of what books to stack up on in preparation for the new baby. I’m not talking about parenting books or baby books (zzzz) but riveting page turners that will keep me alert and awake during those painful late night feedings. When June was an infant, I plowed through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and felt kind of….empty?…when they ended (though that might have been sheer exhaustion).  So for this go around, I’m thinking more mysteries are in order, gruesome, suspenseful mysteries. More blood and gore, baby!

I heard mega bestselling mystery author Sue Grafton on NPR the other day and she came across as so wise and down to earth, I think I might give her super popular “alphabet series” a try, beginning with the 1982 bestseller A is for Alibi. (She’s now up to W is for Wasted). The cover alone — pills, vodka, playing cards, a rotary dial phone — calls out to me.  And the best part? I’ll have practically the whole alphabet to get through which should keep me occupied until at least the six month mark, when the wee one is — *is there a heaven?* — sleeping through the night.

What books got you through those first few months of a newborn’s life?

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