This is why I love Facebook

by Jessie K on October 18, 2013

Maria-KangHave you  seen this photo making the rounds across the Internet? It’s a Facebook photo from exercise buff and mom Maria Kang. Apparently, the photo, intended as a marketing tool for Kang’s Elk Grove, CA-based fitness classes, has sparked outrage for what some say is the ad’s “fat shaming” message, which is: “I look this hawt and have three kids, what’s your excuse, slob?”

The photo has since gone viral — even though she originally posted it more than a year ago, but whatever — which landed her a slot on a Sacramento morning talk show where she issued what some are a calling a tepid apology.

Controversy like this always baffles me because I can’t be the only one out there whose Facebook feed is littered with similar doofy, tone deaf and baiting fluff like this picture. I see so many Spencer’s Gift quality “branding” pics like this that I all but glaze over them. Though a few gems stand out. Like the time  one of my former classmates  posted a picture of herself in a bikini next to a Z-28 with the taunting tagline, “How U Like Me Now? Meow!” Or the pic of some mom I don’t even know who posted a selfie in which she wore Daisy Dukes and heels astride a ten speed bike with the message, “Jus’ sayin.'”  Saying what? That you’re a big dork who rides a  bicycle in heels down to the Trailer Bar? In fact, now that I think about it, what would Facebook BE without such elegant and tasteful imagery? They’re the only reason I check my feed. We need more pics like this, not less. Jus’ sayin’!

Now I’m off to do some butt thrusts.

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