My Mom comes to see the new baby and I make her paint my living room

by Jessie K on December 31, 2013


We’ve had company for the past three weeks straight as we settle in with the new baby. First, Jake’s Mom Marmie arrived from Baltimore to be on hand in the event I went into labor on time (I didn’t). Then my Mom Grandma B arrived from Montana for two weeks, during which time I was induced and laid up at the hospital for three days with new baby Katie Bea. Then my Dad and my Stepmom Grandma Tess arrived from Florida to spend Christmas week with us.

It was a crazy, chaotic, whirlwind month and now that it’s over and all our guests have gone home and the house is once again our own, I wish everyone would come back so we could do it all again (minus the labor). It’s times like these I’m reminded again just how amazing our families are and how lucky we are to have such help. My trio of Moms and my Dad went out of their way to entertain June while I was busy with Katie. They cleaned the house, cooked, washed dishes, wrapped presents, wrapped MY presents, vacuumed, collected and washed the eggs, played Candy Land, minded our crazy dog, organized our bookshelves, cleaned our mudroom….my Mom even painted my living room.

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