Getting on baby time

by Jessie K on January 6, 2014


I’m spending the next foreseeable future at home alone with Katie (June’s at Montessori) and I forgot how much of the day is spent cuddling, holding, cradling and rocking an infant. Katie and I have spent the morning pacing the house, me rocking her in my arms, listening to NPR. Every time I try to put her down, she fusses. It’s a little frustrating because I’m the type of person who always feels compelled to get something — anything — done, whether it’s a household task, answering emails, writing — and it’s impossible to do that with a squirming loaf of bread in my arms.  I’m trying to get on “baby time” — letting go of the need to multitask and simply enjoy our time together. I find I’m much less anxious if I give up the need to accomplish anything more than giving her lots of love right now. These days are gone in a flash and I want to savor them.

Gotta go. I’m back on rocking duty.

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