In the new baby trenches

by Jessie K on January 10, 2014


Being a mom of two is wonderful and exhilarating but it’s surprisingly hard to maintain the blog when Katie decides she doesn’t want to sleep. I’m writing this post with one hand while she nurses in the other. Please note my stellar punctuation.

For the most part, Katie is calm and relaxed and an absolute joy to be with, but we spend an awful lot of time pacing from one of the house to the other.  I can’t always set her down because she fusses. I can’t put her in the Ergo or the Moby because she fusses. We can’t go for a proper walk because it’s raining and cold and miserable outside so we end up walking from one end of the house to the other 10,000 times. When she does go to sleep, I’m faced with a choice — do I nap with her? Or take the time to get something done? Usually my need for productivity wins out even though I know I’ll be biting the heads off live chickens by 6 p.m.  Sorry, loving husband of mine!

Everyone always told me “having a second child is more than double the work of one” and while I’m not sure I’m able to quantify that as exactly true, I know I’m sleep deprived. I look like I’ve aged ten years in the last ten days. I’ve got these two new laugh lines etched in my face from the side of my nose to the corner of my mouth (do you think they’ll go away once my schedule gets back to normal? Har! Har! I wish!) I’ve completed more than 20 crossword puzzles in the last couple of days. I’ve been watching Girls Season 2 while Katie squirms in my arms. (Is it just me or does that show become more irritating with each child you have?) My skin is dry and crackly and I’m wearing five sweaters. I’m still wearing maternity jeans. The old man — my new name for Jake — and I grunt at each other as we pass in the hallway at the end of the day, each trying to commandeer a child. 

I’m in the new baby trenches, in other words. It took me approximately 4 hours to peck out this post. One of these days, I’ll come out the other side, smelling like a rose. For now, I smell of spit-up.

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