The future of the blog

by Jessie K on April 15, 2014

IMG_6973I’m taking the rest of the week off to head up north — Jersey and New York City or bust! — with the girls for June’s Spring Break.

Thanks again to everyone who commented about the future of the blog. I think I’ve decided to keep it going because I really don’t have it in me to stop completely. I’ll combust if I don’t write. The core issue I’ve been having — other than having no time, Katie is literally crying in the Bjorn as I write this!What an awesome mom I am! — is that all I’m doing right now is mom stuff. My life right now centers around diapers, bottles and laundry. And while these topics are totally riveting, I’m having a hard time finding inspiration in the every day, go figure. Besides, I don’t really want to turn this into a “mommy blog.” Not only is that term totally pejorative and annoying, the topic is not really where my writing strengths lie, and I know that more than anyone. I’m more about ham banana hollandaise.

What this means: I’m going to take the pressure off myself to post everyday because if I post everyday you’ll be reading about diapers, bottles and laundry, which makes the eyes roll back in the head just thinking about.

Enjoy your Spring Break! I know I will!

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