Time for an exciting stair runner update

by Jessie K on June 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been several months since we installed our Dash & Albert stair runner and I thought it’s a good time to let readers know how the carpet is holding up.

Since we spend a  spend a lot of time outdoors, we ended up going with polypropylene indoor/outdoor rug, which is scrubbable, bleachable and can stand up to all kinds of dirt. For two-thirds of the year, we’re a shoes-off household — Jake tracks in too much dirt — but  that rule goes out the window in the warmer months when June is going in and out of the house fifty times a day. So the stairs receive a lot of traffic, many times without shoes, but these days, with shoes on. 

I’ll start with the good news. I get a lot of comments about my stair runner. Guests love it. I’m super glad I went with such a bold graphic choice. I don’t regret that for a second.

Now the not so great news. I’ve noticed some pilling in certain areas of the carpet! I don’t know if pilling is the right word….what do you call it when fibers start to come loose from the weave?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not much but it’s enough for me — admittedly, a very anal retentive stair runner aficionado….but can you blame me considering the hassle we went through installing this sucker? — to notice, and I have to say, I’m a wee concerned about it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI pretty sure it’s our dog Solha’s claws that’s causing some of fibers to come loose. She traipses up and down the stairs about as often as we do and her claws aren’t exactly French manicured.

It’s not a big deal now, but what is the carpet going to look like in five years? Guess another hellacious stair runner install is in our future! But, hey, I’ll probably be ready for another major decor change then anyway, if not sooner.

If I’d have any advice for readers, it’s this: The weave of the stair runner is really important especially if you have pets! I wish now we would have gone with a regular bedroom carpet type of stair runner…a weave a dog’s claws can’t pull on. But those type of weaves don’t come in super pretty prints, colors and designs like those you find from Dash & Albert (if I’m wrong, please let me know). It’s more like corporate carpeting from the 80s in a delightful mauve palate. But, hey, at least it lasts.



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