A celebration of marriage and fatherhood

by Jessie K on June 23, 2011

Today is my anniversary.  Married four year….four glorious years to a heck of a guy who has pushed me to my limits and beyond; he makes me drink tomato wine.

But Jake isn’t here and I can’t think of a clever way to pay homage to the day other than blindly send love emails to Afghanistan then blog about it.

Happily for me, my Father’s Day box showed up in Afghanistan the very day our love was made legal before family and friends four short years ago.

I had trouble coming up with a decent Father’s Day gift.  I have trouble coming up with decent gifts for Jake in general because the only thing he wants is tools and heavy equipment, which doesn’t rate high on my romance meter.

It was his first Father’s Day, therefore extra special.  But what do you send a soldier in Afghanistan?  I mean, besides clean underwear,  hand sanitizer and the latest Nickelback CD?

I opted for a simple DIY gift:  a mini photo album of June, documenting her first year of life.

Here’s June at a week old showing off her freakishly long fingers.

And here’s June’s chin, taken two weeks after I made the switch from my lackluster breast milk to high calorie formula frappe.  Mmm!

I also included, at the suggestion of my wise friend Paula, one of June’s old onesies, this one featuring a clever fabric design by Jake’s multitalented sister, Abby.

The finishing touch was a coffee mug decorated with photos of June in a front loader.  June, coffee and heavy equipment–three of Jake’s favorite things.  The perfect gift.

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