Three things I learned about adhesive window film

by Jessie K on September 7, 2011

The front door to my new office is half glass.  That’s a lot of room for people to look into.

I wasn’t sure what to do about this until my friend Beth told me about a product called adhesive window film, which you apply to glass for decoration or privacy, or in my case, both.

I did a little research and discovered entire websites devoted to this stuff — see here, here and here — though I will admit, I found a lot of the design options less than chic.  More like Lowes chic.  I became discouraged.  Then I stumbled onto the design-y not martha blog, which compiled a list of some of the chicest design options out there.

During my search, I realized three things about window film.  Number one, all the best designs come from Europe, England and Scandinavia, specifically. For some reasons, American designers aren’t interested in adhesive window film at all.  Why is this?

The three below are all from the British designer Emma Jeffs, available at Design Public.  Pretty, right?

Emma Jeffs Anni Adhesive Film $79

My favorite is the White Moroccan Tile.

Emma Jeffs Rose adhesive film $79

Emma Jeffs White Moroccan Tile window film $86












Number two, a lot of the better designs — particularly those from Scandinavia — only come half way up the window.  These three below are from Swedish company Strossel, which you can purchase at their website or the Scandinavian Design Center. They’re all in the $50 range.

I like the last design best, featuring the delicate leaves and birds.





















Number three, like with many things in this world, the good stuff is expensive.  Did I really want to spend $100 on Emma Jeffs designs, factoring in the cost of shipping and necessary tools, or $50 on Strossel film that only comes half way up the window?

In the end, my friend Marnie was on hand to remind me about keeping my costs down.  Decorating an office adds up.  I had already splurged on fancy paint and hired a painter to paint the space for me instead of doing it myself….I still need to buy a rug, table, chairs, lamps, curtains, I can’t spend a hundred dollars on a giant sticker for the front door.  Right?

So I ordered this el cheapo stuff from a company called Artscape from Amazon for $20.  It’s not so terrible, is it?  It reminded me a bit of Strossel’s pretty bird and leaf design above.










I’m even going to try to apply myself — another uncharacteristic cost saving measure.   I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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