June’s inaugural Santa photos

by Jessie K on December 17, 2011

The most wonderful thing about Santa photos in a small town:  No lines.  NO LINES.  I can’t overstate how glorious this is.  June and I showed up, literally threw our coats on the floor (no worry about them getting ripped off here) and marched right up to the front of the line, meaning there was no line.

June wasn’t quite sure what to make of this large red and white bearded creature with gloved hands.  But she obliged her mommy by trying to be a good sport. (Please note her holiday finery.)

The morning was not without incident.  Santa’s elves couldn’t get the printer to work, so unless you brought your own camera, you were kind of out of luck.  This would be the flip-side to no lines in a small town.

The longer June was forced to sit on Santa’s lap, the more her chin began to assert itself.  A protruding chin on this child  means, “I no like this.”

Here, the chin attempts to crush Santa by mind control.

Wait, is that a smile?

The Christmas spirt is alive and well in this child.

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