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Disjointed Friday musings

by Jessie K on December 18, 2014

Serial ends today. I’ve been following since the first day it aired though I fear the finale may be a bit of a letdown because the threads of the story followed up on so far haven’t really led to anything more illuminating than what led to Adnan’s original conviction.  I hope to be wrong. Can […]


No, thank you

by Jessie K on October 24, 2014

Yesterday while walking the dog, I came upon a woman in a field. Her husband was up the hill, chain sawing fire wood. She sat down at the fence line and between spits of sunflower seeds and sips of Diet Mountain Dew, proceeded to tell me a story about one of her coworkers at the interstate rest area where she works. […]


Does anyone else do this?

by Jessie K on October 23, 2014

I rarely use the mailbox at my house anymore because I’m too embarrassed that Netflix envelopes are the only things I seem to put into it. I now drop envelopes into the public mailbox near Tractor Supply on my way home from picking up June from preschool. Not that there’s anything shameful about Netflix, it’s more […]


Saying Goodbye to Motorcycle Mom for Good

by Jessie K on September 2, 2014

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Jake and I used to ride motorcycles together. It was something fun we did together, each of us astride our own Kawasaki and Suzuki 500 ccs, racing up and down the twisty back roads of our rural county. I bought a motorbike first as a hedge against moving […]


Hi! How ya doin?

by Jessie K on August 15, 2014

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve had my hands extra full now that Jake is gone and I confess, I really haven’t had much motivation to express much publicly for a few months now. Isn’t that weird how that happens? One day I blog religiously and fanatically and the next, […]


Water fun that was not to be

by Jessie K on July 1, 2014

When I was a kid, I remember we had this plastic clown’s head topped with a hat that, when attached to a running hose, lifted off the clown’s head and spun around by a 6 foot jet of water. Water would come shooting out of the sides of the hat and spray all around. I recall […]


How to drop major pounds in a day and a half

by Jessie K on June 28, 2014

Attention dieters of the world! I have stumbled upon a nifty and expedient weight loss solution: FENCE PAINTING. Yes, fence painting. Forget your Slim Fast, your Hydroxy Cut and your strawberry flavored Menthols. Spraying 63 gallons of black paint on a fence will get your body bikini ready in a hurry. For the past three days I […]

I’ve been buzzard bombed

by Jessie K on June 22, 2014

Today when I dropped off June to my friend Brendan and Susan’s house for a playdate, I walked outside back to my car when I saw a bunch of objects drop from what looked like the overhead tree. I didn’t hear anything break so I figured it was twigs or leaves or nuts falling from the […]


Poultry season

by Jessie K on June 2, 2014

We have another batch of broiler chickens under way. And every single one of them is already pre-sold. I guess this means we’ve arrived in A-list chicken world. Or something like that. (And we only raise 60 at a time so there’s that.) In another month or so, they’ll be big enough for slaughter. Sounds harsh, but […]


I knew I was giving up a lot when I moved to the country nearly nine years ago: Access to a variety of incredible restaurants, ethnic food, concerts, plays, art exhibits, all my friends. But now that I’m a parent of two children, I’m not sure I’d move back to the city even if I could. Click […]