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Speaking of white wine on ice…

by Jessie K on April 11, 2014

I recently overheard a story about this woman who brought a really expensive bottle of wine to a dinner party and the hosts poured their own glasses of the wine over ice! The woman who brought the wine was aghast. She thought drinking wine over ice was akin to clipping your nails at the table […]


The camel rider

by Jessie K on April 9, 2014

I finally got to try the famous “camel rider” sandwich while in Jacksonville last week…at a restaurant called The Sheik. Hmm, sounds racially exploitative to me, though I heard the restaurant is owned by Arabs so I guess that’s okay? (I love the sign: “Get On Efree.” Regional slang for “get on it, people?”) Anyway, Jacksonville […]


Ta-ta for now

by Jessie K on March 31, 2014

I’m taking off for Florida for a few days so I won’t be posting much this week. A few goals while I’m away: A) Expose Katie’s limbs to sunshine since she’s been bundled up like a little Eskimo baby since birth B) Enjoy a “camel rider sandwich” and sip a cherry limeade while in Jacksonville, the […]


The things people say

by Jessie K on March 18, 2014

The following is something somebody said to Jake (its only been slightly exaggerated here). We’ve been laughing about it for months. “Question. Ya’ll like strawberries? ‘Cause I got a shipment that just came off the back of a truck at a rest area. Must have 30, 40 pints here.  You want ‘em? Only thing, they’re […]


Checking in on the tomatoes

by Jessie K on March 10, 2014

The tomato plants Jake and June started the other week are coming up. Every night before dinner, they check on them together. (Our makeshift nursery is in the downstairs bathroom. Pardon the toilet!) It’s so fun watching June take to this task. She loves giving her plants some water.


I Ate That: Prune Whip

by Jessie K on March 7, 2014

Before we get into this recipe, lets first take a look at the category under which it’s classified: Our Rich Heritage. (Other recipes in this collection include Baked Corn Pudding and Savory Beef & Vegetable Stew.) Whose heritage? The homesteaders? The pilgrims? Was there a time when the Prune Whip was part of the American […]


The best maple donut in the world

by Jessie K on March 7, 2014

Did you know it takes approximately 30 to 50 gallons of sap that is boiled down to yield one gallon of pure maple syrup? Syrup takes a long time to produce, which is why it’s so expensive (and getting pricier, thanks to global warming). So I feel especially privileged to receive a quart of the […]


Shrinking serving sizes

by Jessie K on February 26, 2014

Serving sizes keep getting smaller and smaller! I recently noticed Haagen-Dazs is no longer available in pints, but 14 ounce containers. The folks at Ben & Jerry’s have also taken note, evidenced by the messaging around their lids.  I thought that was a very clever marketing ploy….until I looked at the two ice creams’ ingredients. […]


I Ate That: Glazed Ham Loaf in Ring

by Jessie K on February 21, 2014

I have a theory about why loaves and molds — ham loaf, molded shrimp salad, etc — were so popular during the mid part of the 20th century. It’s because they coincided with the hey-day of canned food. American housewives were finally untethered from the drudgery  of having to cook everything from scratch. It was the […]


I ate that: Pink and Yellow Coconut Apples

by Jessie K on February 3, 2014

In my attempt to cook my way through only the greatest Christmas gift ever, my vintage Great American Recipe Card Collection from Jake’s Grandmom, I’ve decided to start off super easy because complicated cooking projects are just too hard with a newborn. It may be April before I try my hand at a “shrimp mold.” […]