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Claire Underwood’s perfect posture

by Jessie K on February 24, 2014

Jake and I finished up Season 2 of House of Cards the other night and, wow, what a show. I love it….though I did find the season ender a little lackluster (at least compared to the season’s shocking first episode!). Have you seen it? But can we talk about Robin Wright’s posture for a second? […]


Check out this letter some lady in Fargo, ND plans to hand out to all the “moderately obese” children (in her opinion) who come knocking on her door this Halloween. The skinny children (in her opinion) will receive a yummy treat while the overweight children (in her opinion) will receive this crappy letter. Nice. Happy […]


This is why I love Facebook

by Jessie K on October 18, 2013

Have you  seen this photo making the rounds across the Internet? It’s a Facebook photo from exercise buff and mom Maria Kang. Apparently, the photo, intended as a marketing tool for Kang’s Elk Grove, CA-based fitness classes, has sparked outrage for what some say is the ad’s “fat shaming” message, which is: “I look this […]


Working out while pregnant

by Jessie K on October 8, 2013

I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy and still teach five fitness classes a week. It’s gotten to the point where some of my students  ask, why are you still doing this? (Subtext: Lady, are you insane?) I do it because I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people feel and look better. I […]


Lazy days of August…

by Jessie K on August 21, 2013

Hey Everybody! Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes. And in case you were wondering, Jake’s Poppers did not disappoint. (Wait, that sounds wrong…) Blame it on the winding down of summer, back to school, the lazy days of August, but I’m going to take a few days off from the blog. I […]


The in-betweener phase

by Jessie K on July 25, 2013

I’ve got a lot going on right now….and nothing going on right now.  Life is in a state of flux. Do you know what I mean? That feeling of waiting for something to happen, but nothing really is or on the schedule you think is appropriate so you begin to get impatient,  worried and anxious […]


A glimpse into the mind of an athlete

by Jessie K on June 19, 2013

June and I took a few days off to spend a long weekend at the beach with our friends Colleen and Tom and their seven kids. We always have a great time with Colleen and her family. I’ve mentioned before that Colleen is a life long distance runner, an athlete through and through, right down […]


As a part time exercise instructor, I’m always on the lookout for hawt new fitness moves. I think I finally found them — PRANCERCISE! (Thanks, Becca.)


Craving fast food

by Jessie K on May 30, 2013

I rarely eat fast food. But over the Memorial Day weekend on our way to North Carolina Jake persuaded me to stop in for a bite at Bojangles, his all time favorite chicken and biscuit emporium, and for some odd reason, I thought that sounded like a fabulous idea. Plus I like the idea of […]


Exciting news for Virginia yogis

by Jessie K on April 17, 2013

Wow. I just found out that world renowned yoga instructor Cyndi Lee of OM studio in New York City is moving to Lynchburg, VA July 1! This is huge! Cyndi Lee is a yoga luminary. I used to go to her studio when it was a bare bones space on 14th Street between 7th and […]