October beach weekend

by Jessie K on October 28, 2014

I had a revelation over the weekend. Going to the beach in October is the best. I took the girls to Virginia Beach over the weekend with some friends and had a great time. Clear skies, hot weather, cold beer, tepid water, zero crowds and a crazy affordable Airbnb. I highly recommend it. The area to stay, […]

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A recap of my time on the Katie Couric show

by Jessie K on January 14, 2013

A few people have asked me how Katie Couric found out about me. While I’d like to say it’s because she’s an avid reader of this blog, that would be an epic lie. In fact, I am 125 percent confident Katie Couric had never heard of me before Wednesdays taping and will in all likelihood […]


June’s grandparents live in Jacksonville, which is really more the Deep South than Florida in terms of sensibilities and customs. My dad and step mom Theresa (pictured above — it’s not easy to get a decent photo of grandparents and squirming toddler!) live in a really interesting neighborhood called Springfield. Once upon a time, Springfield […]


Under the weather in sunny Florida

by Jessie K on December 30, 2012

June and I have been down in Florida all week visiting Grandma and Grandpa (my dad, pictured with June above). It’s been a low-key trip — hanging out, taking walks, drinking wine, eating vast quantities of cookies and cheese, watching movies, upchucking. Yeah, two nights after our arrival, June came down with a crazy bug […]


Duckpins in the city

by Jessie K on November 7, 2012

June goes “shield’s up” in Marmie’s (Grandma’s) arms. Awww. As you can see, Marmie is a very chic and stylish lady.  Cousin Maddy was having a moment of despair; she didn’t get to bowl when she wanted to. June and I went up to Baltimore this weekend to spend some time with her Marmie and […]


Should I bring June’s car seat on vacation?

by Jessie K on September 18, 2012

One of my very good friends and I are planning a weekend getaway with our two girls this winter. What could be more fun than lounging on the beach, margaritas in hand, while our daughters kick sand in each others faces? (On accident, of course.) But I’m not sure what to do about June’s car […]


The pontoon

by Jessie K on August 29, 2012

Whenever I tell my mom I’m planning a summer trip to Montana, she brings up the pontoon. “Bob and Penny have a pontoon. Maybe we’ll get to go out on their pontoon. Last weekend we had such a great time cruising around Flathead Lake on their pontoon.” The pontoon has become almost an enigma for […]


Beach etiquette, baby!

by Jessie K on July 17, 2012

It’s 100 degrees outside and families flock to the beach with the aim of spreading out, cooling off, relaxing, reading trashy novels and eating bad food. And, oh yeah, maybe watch the children play. That’s what a beach vacation is all about, right? Unplugging from responsibilities? CONTINUE READING HERE!

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Vacation food for thought

by Jessie K on July 16, 2012

June and I took a few days off to refresh and recharge. We headed up to Sea Isle City, New Jersey to spend some quality time with my old friends Colleen and Tom and their brood of seven at their beach house. Yes, seven.  Not seven dogs.  Not seven parakeets.  Seven children.  Seven amazing, hilarious, […]


What a great night. Onto to Wichita…

by Jessie K on June 24, 2012

Thanks, everyone, who came out for my Rurally Screwed book signing at Books & Co. in Lexington, VA on Friday.   Much jam (courtesy of recipes from Tart & Sweet), cheese and wine was consumed. Saw plenty of old friends and made some new ones.  A good time was had by all, especially me. Next […]