Yeah, so, okay

My name is Jessie Knadler.H_039I live in Lexington, Virginia. I’m the author of two books, including Rurally Screwed, a love story of opposites about making marriage work amid differences and deployments that  NPR called a memoir of “unexpected, unpretentious and very funny heft.” I coauthored the cookbook Tart & Sweet, which garnered praise by Alice Waters and was featured in the New York Times

I’m mom to two little ladies, June and Katie. My husband Jake, a Major in the Army Reserves, has been away on another military assignment for the past year.

I stopped blogging at Rurally Screwed this year out of a desire to do other things — move where the current takes you, right? — but please feel free to wade through the archives. Thank you to everyone who has happened upon this site and stayed for a moment or two. These days, I’m a contributor to our local NPR station, WMRA out of Harrisonburg, VA. Radio has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m thrilled to be able to develop this new craft. Look for my audio story telling at WMRA. I’m working on a third book, a suspenseful black comedy, which will be complete in 2o17.

You can reach me at jessieknadler at mac dot com, though I must be honest, I don’t frequently check this address anymore. The spammers got a hold of it and it’s now a dumping ground for energy drink promos and heat-moldable flip-flop press releases anymore. Sigh.

Thank you for stopping by.