Yeah, so, okay

My name is Jessie Knadler.H_039I live in Lexington, Virginia. I’m the author of two books, including Rurally Screwed, a love story of opposites about making marriage work amid differences and deployments that  NPR called a memoir of “unexpected, unpretentious and very funny heft.” I coauthored the cookbook Tart & Sweet, which garnered praise by Alice Waters and was featured in the New York Times

I’m mom to two little ladies.

This is June…


…and this is Katie…


My husband Jake, a Major in the Army Reserves, is away on another military assignment for a year so I’m solo parenting until he returns. We have a dog. Her name is Solha. Jake rescued her out of Kandahar during his 2011 deployment to Afghanistan. She runs off about every week so calling her a “family pet” is a bit of a stretch. She doesn’t belong to anyone.

I’m also an occasional contributor to the Disney-owned parenting site Babble and am currently writing my third book, a suspenseful black comedy, which should be complete sometime in 2015. Maybe 2o16, at the rate I’m going. (Single parenting is hard.)

Feel free to contact me directly at jessieknadler at mac dot com.

Thank you for stopping by.